30th Year Anniversary

The INTERMARKET GROUP is composed of Intermarket Corp., Print Mat Corp., and Intermarket Industrial Films. The Intermarket Group's headquarters is located in Miami, Florida with warehousing facilities that offer efficient and fast delivery service to its customers in Latin America and the Caribbean. All products represented are fully supported by Intermarket's own technical and sales staff.

The Intermarket Group differentiates itself within the printing and publishing industry by its consistent approach to business. The products offered are of the highest quality and are manufactured by industry leaders. The Intermarket Group serves an emerging market, which is raising its level of quality and proficiency as it expands its global competitiveness. In anticipation of the growth and thirst for knowledge in the Latin American and Caribbean markets, The Intermarket Group is committed to broadening its expertise by increasing personnel and augmenting its training programs. Intermarket's achievement of consistent growth exemplifies its success in responding to and anticipating customer needs.

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Zecher Corp.

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The Intermarket Group was recently featured in the November issue of the Dealer Communicator. Click on the banner to the left to view the article.

The Intermarket Group

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