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Packaging the Future.

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DESCRIPTION: At DuPont, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's the foundation of what we do. In 1974, we introduced Cyrel® photopolymer plates and ever since, DuPont Packaging Graphics has been advancing flexography solutions through its innovative technology and products.

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Cyrel® EASY Plate Portfolio

LINK: Cyrel EASY Products
DESCRIPTION: The Cyrel® EASY technology platform simplifies the prepress process by building the flat top digital dot directly into the plate, resulting in increased productivity and consistency. Cyrel® EASY plates are based upon a new polymer that produces higher ink transfer and higher resolution, plus customer testing has shown significantly higher SID without compromising on highlights. Cyrel® EASY plates are available for FAST/thermal and solvent processing and in engineered and smooth surfaces.

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Cyrel® FAST Thermal Workflow

LINK: Cyrel FAST Products
DESCRIPTION: DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST thermal workflow is an innovative, highly productive plate processing technology that uses solvent-free thermal processing to produce a press-ready finished plate in one hour or less.


Digital Color Proofing

Cromalin Largo and Cromanet Software
LINK: Cromalin Largo
LINK: Cromanet Software

DESCRIPTION:Proofing systems that provide accurate and consistent print prediction and color versatility to proof any color prototype. Products improve color communications and reduce print production time in digital and analog proofing workflows.

Mylar Specialty Films

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Polyester film for Industrial, Electrical, Motor and Packaging applications.
LINK: Mylar Specialty Films
digital printing pressLINK DESCRIPTION: Melinex® polyester films are the industry standard for durable label facestock films, and are also a preferred substrate for applications such as exhibition graphics, signage, point of sale advertising, and pop up banners.

The dimensional stability and consistency of Melinex® polyester film delivers ease of processing and our range includes a wide range of optical properties including bright white, black, satin matte and ultra-clear films. Offering the opportunity for sharper graphics and brilliant eye catching images, Melinex® polyester film can be printed on directly using flexographic and UV inkjet technologies or other digital print technologies using a suitable top coating.

These films are used in a complete range of printing from traditional printing processes to the latest digital printing technologies. They are used as a base film for technologies such as “direct to media” UV inkjet, silkscreen, lithography, flexographic print, and with further coating and conversion in narrow and wide format inkjet applications. Typical applications include; pop-up displays and banners, ticketing, point-of-sale advertising, backlit panels, and signage.


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Flexographic Printing Solutions
LINK: Flexo Equipment
LINK DESCRIPTION: FLEXO CTP: CDI: Offers superb results that before were only achievable in offset or gravure. With the CDI, trade shops are able to offer superior quality, while printers receive print consistency.
HD FLEXO: HD Flexo is the next step in high quality flexo printing. The improved plates are higher quality and print more consistently than standard digital flexo plates.


Software Solution Services

LINK: Graphics Solutions
LINK DESCRIPTION: EskoArtwork offers a broad range of solutions for the packaging and printing industry that combines the best possible tools for prepress production, color management technology, and integration between MIS systems, prepress, press-room, and finishing departments.

HP Indigo


Digital Presses

Digital presses for commercial offset printing and flexographic label and packaging
LINK: Indigo Digital Presses
DESCRIPTION: Large format commercial and industrial printing solutions. The most advanced commercial and industrial digital printing presses, providing on demand customized printing solutions. HP's cost effective Indigo press delivers high versatility, amazing ease, and results that rival offset.

hp indigo

HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

LINK: Product Specifications
LINK DESCRIPTION: The first press to utilize the new industry-altering LEPx Technology. A narrow-web label press, printing at 120 linear meters per min.

hp indigo

HP Indigo 25K Digital Press

LINK: Product Specifications
LINK DESCRIPTION: Put your business on the path to double-digit profit with a complete solution ecosystem for digital flexible packaging

X-Rite / Pantone

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Color Measurement - Specifications

LINK: X-Rite / Pantone Website
DESCRIPTION: We are the global leader in color trends, science and technology. By blending the art and science of color, we help your business achieve the highest level of color integrity so your product - and your customer's product - comes out ahead.


relief plate


Photopolymer plates for letterpress and waterless
LINK: Toray Photopolymer Plates
DESCRIPTION: Always No.1 Choice among Letterpress Printing Plates. Based on one of Toray's core technologies, polymer science, Toray offers excellent photopolymer letterpress printing plates. TORELIEF* is currently used in more than 60 countries, thousands of printing companies in all over the world. Wide variety of plate types for Dry offset, label, crush, business forms and spot varnishing printing.

waterless plate

Waterless Plate

Waterless plates for offset
LINK: Toray Waterless Plates
DESCRIPTION: Toray offers Waterless Plates that enables offset printing without the need for water dampening.  It enables users to realize high-quality printing easily with substantial advantages of improved productivity and cost reduction. Additionally Toray Waterless Plate also contributes to environment protection because it produces no waste liquids during the printing process.

Glunz & Jensen


Flexographic Equipment

Flexographic processing equipment
LINK: Flexographic Equipment
DESCRIPTION: Glunz & Jensen have been operating in the Graphic Arts sector for over thirty years, especially in the design and production of state of the art equipment for the production of flexographic printing plates.



Mounting Tapes

Sticky back mounting tapes for flexoprinting plates
LINK: Lohmann Tapes
DESCRIPTION: Lohmann adhesive tape systems solve the task of flexible print plate mounting for flexible packaging printing, label printing and high quality post print.

Rogers Corporation

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R/bak® Cushion Mounting Materials

LINK: Rogers Corp. Website
DESCRIPTION: Rogers Corporation is an agile and reliable partner, progressing in line with rapid technology development. Manufacturer of advanced materials serving customer needs for a wide range of markets, including the flexographic printing industries.


R/bak® SF Cushion

LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: Rogers R/bak Supported Firm (SF) is a general purpose cushion for solids, line and process printing on corrugated substrates. 


R/bak® SS Material

LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: Rogers R/bak Supported Soft (SS) is a soft modulus cushion mounting material, recommended for fine line multi-color process printing on corrugated substrates.

rbak - u

R/bak® U Material

LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: Rogers R/bak Unsupported (U) is the basic R/bak cushion, designed without a support/mount substrate for use in cylinder build-up, spot cushioning and spot coating.

rbak - u

R/bak U1A Material

LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: Combines open-cell polyurethane cushion foam with a singlesided acrylic adhesive technology for corrugated printing applications. For use in cylinder build-up, spot cushioning and spot coating.



The Anilox Experts.

More than 70 years of experience in the field of anilox rollers.
LINK: Corporate Website

Innovative Anilox Roller Technology for matching your individual printing requirements. As pioneers in the field of anilox rollers, we cooperate with all the renowned major manufacturers of printing machines. Ask our experts advise for the optimum anilox roller combination for your particular field of application.

anilox specifications

Specification Pyramid

LINK: Customized Anilox Specifications
DESCRIPTION: The modern flexo printing requirements are versatile. Film, paper, cardboard or other substrates. From intense solid area, small font elements, illustrations, to finest gradients in 200 l/inch halftones.

anilox roller

Anilox Roller Sleeves

LINK: Zecher Anilox Roller Sleeves
DESCRIPTION: Optimised ceramic-layer anchoring and ideal weight ratio for your anilox roller sleeves based on the use of an aluminium body.

anilox roller

SteppedHex Engraving

LINK: Zecher SteppedHex Brochure
DESCRIPTION: Our innovative SteppedHex engraving technique, with its unique anilox cell structure, allows you to increase line-count without any loss of volume.


troika systems

Leading manufacturer of 2D and 3D scanning microscopes for the printing industry.

LINK: Website
Control your Anilox, Gravure and Flexoplate inventory with the AniCAM quality control product range. Ask our specialists for a personalized ROI analysis of your next investment in our Quality Control System.

anilox roller

AniCAM 3D Scanning Microscope

LINK: Product Specification
DESCRIPTION: The Capturing device for Troikas Quality Control Applications (ANILOX QC and FLEXOPLATE QC) to measure FlexoPlates, Anilox rolls and Gravure Cylinders

anilox QC

AniCAM with Anilox QC and AMS

LINK: Product Specification
DESCRIPTION: Increase your profitability by implementing our anilox quality control. Knowing the condition of the anilox rolls for a printer converter has been proven to save considerable press setup time and reduce waste. If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it.

flexo QC

AniCAM with Flexoplate QC

LINK: Product Specification
DESCRIPTION: Having optimum control of your flexo plates and sleeves will save you time, waste and money. The AniCAM with Flexoplate QC provides two readings methods: 2 dimensional automatic readings (reflective or translucent) and a 3 dimensional analysis which provides information on dot shape, height and relief depths.

Tower Products

tower solutions

Pressroom Chemistry for Flexographic Applications

LINK: Vendor Website
Market leader in pressroom chemistry including environmentally sensitive products for flexographic printing applications. Cost effective flexoplate developers, flexoplate cleaners for UV, solvent and water based inks and anilox cleaners.

smartflex 2

SmartFlex Washout Solution NF

LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: SmartFlex Washout Solution NF is formulated for processing photopolymer sheets used in flexographic printing. 

flexo cleaner

SmartFlex UV Flexo Cleaner

LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: SmartFlex UV Flexo Cleaner is an outstanding technology cleaning product for UV and solvent based flexographic inks. Its low odor and effective formula rapidly cleans ink from plates and machinery. 

anilox cleaner

SmartFlex High Tech Anilox Cleaner

LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: Formulated to quickly clean water-based, UV and solvent based inks both manual and cleaning machinery applications. 

anilox cleaner

SmartFlex Anilox Roller Cleaning Gel

LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: Will effectively and quickly clean anilox rollers of aqueous, solvent based, oil based or UV ink.  This is a gel product designed to clean in-line on press.


ist distillers

Solvent Distillers and Industrial Washing Units

LINK: Vendor Website
Wide variety of equipment for flexographic printing applications including SOLVENT DISTILLERS that will allow you to drastically cut your budget of new washing solvent and on disposal of exhausted solvent, ULTRASONIC ANILOX WASHING UNITS for a deep, flawless cleaning of your aniloxes in one single washing cycle and SPRAY WASHING UNITS for optimizing your parts and accessories cleaning procedures with a simple and effective solution that will also improve the working environment conditions.

roto plus


LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: This series of distillers can process up to 2,000 litres of contaminated product in 24 hours but, thanks to the unique combination of design, heating technology and vacuum system, a maximum yield can also be obtained with smaller batches.

ultrasonic washer


LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: To formulate the correct tone of ink, one must know the actual condition of the anilox rolls throughout their service life; cleaning them properly is critical to efficient ink transfer, coverage, density and conformity of the colour, and the resulting print quality in general. The machines in this series regenerate the anilox rolls, restoring colour to your prints and reducing your ink consumption. 

anilox cleaner


LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: Cleaning flexo printing plates at the end of a job is a common practice among printers the world over. This operation is often performed manually, using harsh solvents that dissolve ink but, over time, deteriorate the elastomer from which the precious plates are made. The machines in this series use non-aggressive liquids and various brushes that ensure gentle but effective cleaning at a much higher speed than other systems.

anilox cleaner


LINK: Product Details
DESCRIPTION: With 11 models available in more than 30 configurations, this line is the solution for the most demanding clients looking for equipment able to deep clean metal parts, buckets and bins, print rolls and mechanical components.

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