DuPont Packaging Graphics

Cyrel® Flexographic Photopolymer Plates
Packaging the Future.
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DESCRIPTION: At DuPont, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's the foundation of what we do. In 1974, we introduced Cyrel® photopolymer plates and ever since, DuPont Packaging Graphics has been advancing flexography solutions through its innovative technology and products.
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Digital Color Proofing
Cromalin Largo and Cromanet Software
LINK: Cromalin Largo
LINK: Cromanet Software
DESCRIPTION: Proofing systems that provide accurate and consistent print prediction and color versatility to proof any color prototype. Products improve color communications and reduce print production time in digital and analog proofing workflows.

  DuPont Teijin Films™

Polyester film for Industrial, Electrical, Motor and Packaging applications.
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LINK DESCRIPTION: Quality and innovative polyester film solutions. Market leaders in medical, electronics, coated flexible packaging, industrial and emerging green technologies applications.


Flexographic Printing Solutions
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FLEXO CTP: CDI: Offers superb results that before were only achievable in offset or gravure. With the CDI, trade shops are able to offer superior quality, while printers receive print consistency.
HD FLEXO: HD Flexo is the next step in high quality flexo printing. The improved plates are higher quality and print more consistently than standard digital flexo plates.

Software and Solution Services
LINK: Graphics Solutions
LINK DESCRIPTION: EskoArtwork offers a broad range of solutions for the packaging and printing industry that combines the best possible tools for prepress production, color management technology, and integration between MIS systems, prepress, press-room, and finishing departments.

  HP Indigo

Digital Presses
Digital presses for commercial offset printing and flexographic label and packaging
LINK: Indigo Digital Presses
DESCRIPTION: Large format commercial and industrial printing solutions. The most advanced commercial and industrial digital printing presses, providing on demand customized printing solutions. HP's cost effective Indigo press delivers high versatility, amazing ease, and results that rival offset.


Photopolymer plates for letterpress and waterless
LINK: Toray Photopolymer Plates
DESCRIPTION: Always No.1 Choice among Letterpress Printing Plates. Based on one of Toray's core technologies, polymer science, Toray offers excellent photopolymer letterpress printing plates. TORELIEF* is currently used in more than 60 countries, thousands of printing companies in all over the world. Wide variety of plate types for Dry offset, label, crush, business forms and spot varnishing printing.

Waterless Plate
Waterless plates for offset
LINK: Toray Waterless Plates
DESCRIPTION: Toray offers Waterless Plates that enables offset printing without the need for water dampening.  It enables users to realize high-quality printing easily with substantial advantages of improved productivity and cost reduction. Additionally Toray Waterless Plate also contributes to environment protection because it produces no waste liquids during the printing process.


Waterless Plate
Waterless plates for offset
LINK: Flexographic Equipment
DESCRIPTION: Degraf has been operating in the Graphic Arts sector for over thirty years, especially in the design and production of state of the art equipment for the production of flexographic printing plates.


Mounting Tapes
Sticky back mounting tapes for flexoprinting plates
LINK: Lohmann Tapes
LINK DESCRIPTION: Lohmann adhesive tape systems solve the task of flexible print plate mounting for flexible packaging printing, label printing and high quality post print.

  Rogers Corporation

Mounting Tapes
Cushion mounts
LINK: Rogers Tape Products
DESCRIPTION: Open-cell urethane R/bak® cushion mounting foams and tapes are a reliable products that aid in shock absorption, cushioning, compressibility, improved registration and reduced dot gain.


Clingz Electrostatically charged printable media
LINK: Electrostatic Products
DESCRIPTION: ClingZ is a self adhesive and dry erasable printable material that clings on either side to a variety of surfaces.

  Wausau Coated Products, Inc.

Wausau Coated Products
Pressure Sensitive Label Stock for roll and sheet applications
LINK: Wausau Coated Products
DESCRIPTION: Wausau Coated Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of paper and film pressure sensitive products for roll and sheet applications. Serving a wide variety of markets, Wausau Coated is a one-stop resource for premium quality stocked products and custom engineered constructions to meet exact end use specifications. Flexibility, responsiveness, and technical know-how combine to make Wausau Coated the trusted source for pressure sensitive solutions.

  AB Graphic International

AB Graphic is a leader within the Label Printing Industry with an extensive, innovative range of label converting machinery. They are market leaders in fully modular digital converting, inspection rewinding equipment and turrent rewinding.

Digicon Series 2
LINK: Digicon Series 2
Digicon Series 2: The Digicon Series 2 machine combines semi-rotary technology with accurate re-registration modules for a variety of digital converting applications.

LINK: Digicon-Lite
Digicon-Lite is the entry level machine for those customers looking to convert digitally printed webs. Despite the small foot print of the Digicon-Lite it is still capable of carrying out varnishing, coating and converting functions.

LINK: Digilam
Digilam is specifically designed for laminating narrow web packaging materials. The extensive process allows the print to be encapsulated within the laminate protecting the final product from exposure to the ink.

LINK: DigiCoat
The Digicoat Machine is the one stop solution for preparing substrates for digital print. The Digicoat has a wide range of optional extras from electronic web guidance to servo re registration.

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