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logoTHE INTERMARKET CORP. was incorporated in 1987 in the State of Florida. In 1989 was appointed Master Distributor for DuPont iTechnologies for Central America, the Caribbean, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. At the time, the product lines were Graphic Arts films, Color Proofing and CYREL® Photopolymer Plates. Intermarket Corp. expanded its portfolio with complementary lines to better serve the industry such as EskoArtworks, Lohmann and Gerhardt.

In 2004, Intermarket was named Master Distributor for the DuPont Color Proofing line for all of Latin America. Today, Cyrel® as the primary focus of DuPont Packaging Graphics, continues as the industry leader. To further Intermarket Corp.'s commitment to providing leading edge technology to its customers, in 2005 an agreement was signed with Hewlett Packard to distribute the HP Indigo Digital Printing Presses, the latest in digital printing.


printmatPRINT MAT CORP. was founded in 1989 and appointed Latin American Master Distributor of Toray Industries of Japan for their Torelief Letterpress plates, sold mainly to the label industry and the Waterless plates line used by the metal decorating printers. Print Mat Corp. also promotes a line of substrates utilized for specialty applications.


iifINTERMARKET INDUSTRIAL FILMS was established in December 2006 to manage the DuPont Teijin Films™ business in Latin America. DuPont Teijin is the worlds largest manufacturer of polyester films. MYLAR® and MELINEX® polyester films are sold to the motor industry, telecommunication and transit card industry, and as substrates for the flexographic printing business.

  Corporate Mission, Strategy and Values

  Corporate Mission

The Intermarket Group is the leader in the Graphics Arts, Digital Visual Communication and Polyester Film businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our Mission is to foster solid partner relationships and deliver innovative quality products and consulting services that exceed our customers' needs, while maintaining the highest competitive return for our customers, partners and organization.

  Corporate Strategy

  • Partner with our customers to drive the technological improvements in their businesses in order to maintain their competitive edge.
  • Commitment to our technical expertise to stay in step with the technological innovations.
  • Maintain our supply chain management team on the cutting edge of industrial trends of technology and transformative processes.
  • Continue to advance our reputation and extensive knowledge of the Latin American and Caribbean markets.
  • Accomplish mutual growth objectives of our customers and manufacturer partners.

  Corporate Values

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Service

  Company History

Intermarket Corp. was incorporated in 1987 with the objective of its formation to offer Graphic Arts supplies and equipment to the Latin American and Caribbean markets. Intermarket Corp. has 2 sister companies; Print Mat Corp. incorporated in 1989 and Intermarket Industrial Films, LLC incorporated in 2006 creating The Intermarket Group.

In 1989, Intermarket was appointed as the Master Distributor, Latin America and the Caribbean for the iTechnologies Department of E.I. DuPont de Nemours of Wilmington, Delaware. Intermarket Corp. assumed responsibility for the sales, technical, finance, and logistics sectors for these markets. In order to improve competitiveness and delivery service, local inventory was established in The Group's warehouse in Miami.

In addition to general inventory, The Intermarket Group offers exclusive inventory commitments for those customers with unique needs as part of its customer focused approach. The Intermarket Group's proximity to the market is yet another asset; the proximity enables quick and economic transportation due to The Intermarket Group's volume and the amount of cargo traffic to Latin America and the Caribbean from Miami. The Intermarket Group takes pride in its 24-hour response time for emergency orders. Referred to as "the Gateway to Latin America", Miami serves not only as a hub for cargo traffic, but for Latin American and Caribbean passenger traffic as well. Consequently, The Intermarket Group's facilities are accessible and welcoming to both the vacationer and the businessperson. Notwithstanding, the driving force for The Intermarket Group's success and future growth is its employee's commitment to the customer.

The Intermarket Group has kept pace with the technological changes in the industry, particularly the transition from analog to digital that has impacted the Imaging market. The Intermarket Group has lead its customers during this transition to maintain their market leadership in quality and competitiveness. The Intermarket Group's sales and technical team is highly respected in the industry, conducting international seminars jointly with multi-national corporations as well as providing auditing service and technical assessments to the market leaders.

The Intermarket Group has received the Inc. 500 award and the Hispanic Business awards; Top 50 Exporters and Top 100 Hispanic Businesses. In addition, Intermarket was named one of the Top 100 Hispanic Businesses by the Miami Chamber of Commerce and featured in the Miami Herald Business Section in 2003 and El Nuevo Herald business cover.

  Our Team

The Intermarket Group's team is located in 8 different countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean with over 30 years of experience in the Graphic Arts Industry providing outstanding customer service, sales, and technical support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The Intermarket Group's head office and warehouse facilities are located in Miami, Florida the gateway to the Americas.

The Intermarket Group Leadership Team:

Manuel A. Alvarez, CEO & Founder
Patricia M. Alvarez, President
Mario Vallejo, Director of Sales and Business Development
Paola Meignen, Director of Operations and Business Strategy

Nathalie Gallardo, Operations & Supply Chain Manager
Carmen Ferreiro, Finance Manager

Sales Team:

map of americas

In register with your needs
The Intermarket Group's sales team all began their careers in multi-national corporations enabling them to tailor the large corporate vision to a personalized attention to individual printing needs. The team is a leader in the Graphic Arts Industry for successful ram-ups of new technology. Sales team personnel are located in San Salvador, El Salvador; Lima, Peru; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Bogota, Colombia and headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Operations & Service Team:

Service and Solutions that enhance your needs
The Intermarket Group's Operations experience is focused on Supply Chain and Logistics. The team supports each customer's needs with personalized attention to detail by providing products quickly and efficiently. The team works closely with manufacturers in forecasting and production planning to optimize the Group's inventory management. Their extensive knowledge and expertise of the changing demands of international shipping creates a trusted partnership between the customer and The Intermarket Group.

The Intermarket Group's Service Team of highly trained engineers provides comprehensive technical support and training in software, product performance and equipment maintenance from the moment of installation throughout the life of the equipment. The team offers the customer the expertise, confidence, and service they deserve.

Finance Team:

Let us impress you with our service
The Intermarket Group's Finance team has over 20 years of experience successfully managing the financial environment of the Latin American and Caribbean markets. They comprehend the culture of the industry and diverse markets along with the corporate needs of their clients.

  Awards & Recognitions

awardsIntermarket has received the Inc. 500 award and Hispanic Business awards; Top 50 Exporters and Top 100 Hispanic Businesses. In addition, Intermarket was named one of the Top 100 Hispanic Businesses by the Miami Chamber of Commerce and featured in the Miami Herald Business section in 2003 and El Nuevo Herald business cover in 2006.
Also featured in industry magazines such as Dealer Communicator, Artes Graficas, Conversion and Inforflexo among others.

  • 2010 – Top Companies in the Miami metro area on the Inc. 5000 ranked #96
  • 2010 – Inc. 500//5000 Companies #4,256
  • 2009 - Inc. 500//5000 Companies #3,472
  • September, 2009 - America's Entrepreneurial Superstars Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies
  • July/August, 2009 - Hispanic Business 100 Fastest-Growing Companies
  • June, 2009 - Hispanic Business 500 Largest U.S. Hispanic-Owned Companies
  • 2008 - Inc. 5000 List Fastest-Growing Private Companies # 2,845
  • June, 2008 - South Florida Business Leader Top 200 Private Companies
  • June, 2008 - Hispanic Business 500 Largest U.S. Hispanic Owned Companies
  • 2007 - Inc. 5000 America's Fastest Growing Private Companies # 3,762
  • July/August, 2006 - Hispanic Business Top 50 Exporters
  • June, 2006 - Hispanic Business 500 Largest U.S. Hispanic Owned Companies
  • June, 2005 - Hispanic Business Top 500 Companies
  • June, 2005 - Hispanic Business 500 Largest Hispanic-Owned Companies # 354
  • December, 2003 - Hispanic Magazine Top 100 Hispanic Businesses
  • November, 2002 - Hispanic Business Top Fifty Exporters
  • June, 2002 - Hispanic Business 500. Recognized for the highest recorded revenue of all Hispanic-Owned Businesses in America
  • 1993 - Inc 500 America's fastest growing private companies Rank: #447

  In The News In English

Intermarket Group - Elevating our Expertise

(left to right) Roberto Hun, director, Imaging Technologies, Latin America; Patricia Alvarez, president, Intermarket Corp.; Lisa Digate, global business director, DuPont Packaging Graphics; Manuel Alvarez, CEO, Intermarket; and Germán Navas, manager, Marketing & Sales, DuPont Andean, Central America & Caribe.

DuPont Packaging Graphics Latin America recently participated in the Graphics of the Americas Trade Show in Miami, Florida. Graphics of the Americas is the largest annual graphic arts/communications tradeshow and exposition for Latin America, attracting about 20,000 – 25,000 people annually.

DuPont, the world's leading supplier of flexographic printing systems, presented itself as a dynamic and flexible science company focused on meeting ever-changing customer needs. The company exhibited a Complete Digital Workflow for flexography. Digital workflow was formed to offer independent consultancy, mentoring and assistance in the management of change within print production.

DuPont also offered a technical and commercial seminar in which all of its Latin American distributors, including Gráfica Novaro, Proveedora Flexográfica, Sumiflex and Intermarket Corp., participated.

INTERMARKET Celebró su 28 Aniversario en Gráficas de las Américas 2015

El Impresor Internacional 29 años

Cuando hablamos de distribuidores de Artes Gráficas, lo primero que viene a nuestras mentes son distribuidores de materiales y algunos proveedores de soluciones. El secreto del éxito en una industria tan competitiva es la habilidad de aconsejar, entregar, y dar servicio a clientes meticulosos que enfrentan también demasiada competencia. Gran parte del éxito de las empresas pequeñas, medianas y alguna que otra de gran tamaño, depende de su relación con sus proveedores. Generalmente, el equipo correcto y los consumibles apropiados pueden hacer crecer o destruir a una empresa. Un buen proveedor es un amigo digno de confianza que se interesa por el éxito de la empresa tanto como el dueño, ya que crecerán juntos.

Intermarket se inició hace 28 años en una cocina y ahí decidieron hacer un negocio: la atmósfera acogedora de la cocina les proporcionaba el café que los mantenía despiertos durante horas y horas en lo que diseñaban el nuevo negocio. Desde el inicio la meta de Intermarket fue satisfacer los requerimientos de sus clientes. Su mercado abarcaba Latino America y el Caribe, una vasta región de más de 25 mercados y más de 40 mil impresores, diferentes usos horarios y áreas de difícil acceso. Imaginen las políticas de entrega, créditos y pagos que una compañía debe implementar para poder dar servicio a un mercado así.


Su interesante articulo ha sido publicado en WWW.FLEXOGRAFIA.COM
Escrito por Julian Fernandez, Senior Packaging Solutions Specialist Intermarket Corp.

Y en nuestro Twitter del sector. WWW.FLEXOGRAFIA.COM/TWITTER


Hogar de Cristo
Hogar de Cristo is a social organization run by the Jesuits, who facilitate sustainable human development processes and people from further poverty, vulnerability and exclusion of the Ecuadorian coast. The Intermarket Group recently contributed to the making of the labels for the bottles of soy milk they distribute to kids in need. See the attached letter to learn more about The Intermarket Group's Community Connection (Letter)


Un interesante artículo de Omni Tech International: OMNI TECH INTERNATIONAL
Escrito por Julian Fernandez, Senior Packaging Solutions Specialist Intermarket Corp.

Un interesante artículo de Omni Tech International: "Mirando hacia el Futuro Juntos": OMNI TECH INTERNATIONAL
Escrito por Julian Fernandez, Senior Packaging Solutions Specialist Intermarket Corp.

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